Father O'Hanlon Council #4678
Father O'Hanlon Council #4678
State College Knights of Columbus


The State College Knights of Columbus has a  couple of meetings each month (not required to attend - but we want to see you):

2nd Wednesdays of each month Council Planning Meeting: Council & Club Officers, Club Manager, directors and committee representatives should attend. 

Held  in the Fr. O'Hanlon Room on the bottom floor of the at OLV Activities Center 7:30 PM

4th Wednesdays of each month Council Meeting: All Council members should attend.

Held  in the Fr. O'Hanlon Room on the bottom floor of the at OLV Activities Center 7:30 PM (Rosary 7:15) Meeting 7:30 PM :  refreshments following meeting

1st Tuesday of each month 4th Degree Meeting: 4th Degree Members 

Held at various locations within the Assembly: Rosary 7:15, Social 8:30

Business Meeting Protocol

The running of Business Meeting is done by the Grand Knight.  However there are times when members (any members) of the Council wish to speak, this is the proper protocol:

1. Council Member Stands.

2. Council Member makes the vertical "post" of the Cross

3. Council Member states "Worthy Grand Knight - Point of Order please"

4. The Grand Knight recognizes the Council Member with the horizontal "beam" of the Cross and States "Proceed"

5. The Council Member, while standing, continues with the Point of Order

6. Council Member sits when finished speaking

Also any reports by any Council Members should take no longer than three (3) minutes.

Please view this less than two (2) minute video on the Protocol of a Meeting.

Council #4678 Officers 2022-23

Chaplain: Reverend Father George Jakopac

Grand Knight: Brendan Bagley

Deputy Grand Knight: Frank English

Financial Secretary: Dennis Marince PGK

Chancellor: Tom Hauser

Trustee 3 yr:  Martin Mazur PGK

Trustee 2 yr:  Bob Hershey PGK

Trustee 1 yr: Mark Thorwart  PGK

Treasurer: Robert Kubat

Recorder: Bill Schiavi

Warden:  Rodney Hopkins

Inside guard:  Migual Olivas

Outside guard: Mark Golanowski

Advocate: Steve Bugaj

Lecturer:  Dave Brown

Program Positions:

Program Chairman (DGK): Frank English

Membership Director: OPEN

Public Relations Chair (web/email): Brendan Bagley

Faith: Dennis Marince PGK

Family: Steve Balkey

Community: Mark Thorwart PGK

Life: Jeff Roe

Our Council's Insurance Agent s Michael McAndrew 

     Email: Michael.McAndrew@kofc.org

     Phone: 814-505-4971

As a man of the Church, are you being called to be a Knight?      JOIN US!