Father O'Hanlon Council #4678
Father O'Hanlon Council #4678
State College Knights of Columbus

The Degree Schedule for our Council:

Becoming a Knight is accomplished through Degree Exemplifications.
Currently these are the online Exemplification dates:

Awaiting new information

Online Exemplification Procedures


The process for inviting candidates to participate remains the same:


·  Councils should forward the downloadable PDF invitation to all eligible prospects for admission and advancement (Click here for English, Spanish and French).

·  Note that they will need your council number to complete the registration.

·  Instruct the candidates to register for the on-demand exemplification by clicking on the "View Now" link within the PDF invitation and filling out the online form.

·  Contact the candidates to guide them through the registration if needed.

·  Candidates then participate in the ceremony, which starts immediately after registering.

·  After the ceremony, councils must process the candidates by submitting form 100s the traditional way or electronically in Officers Online.

·  This invitation is intended for new and advancing members. Existing Third and Fourth Degree members can watch the ceremony at https://www.kofc.org/apps/resources/invitation-en.pdf


Note that candidates for admission must be approved by your council. See the temporary rules for electronic voting (click here for English, Spanish, French). Councils must file a form 100 for all candidates who complete an online exemplification. For clarification on the difference between the On-Demand Ceremony and Online Membership (Online Join), click here.

There are also "on-demand" exemplifications (the aforementioned procedures should be followed for these as well):LINK

Perhaps you are already a First or Second Degree Knight. If you are, you have the opportunity to go through the Exemplification (take the Degree) of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity ONLINE.  By taking this half hour process you will become a Third Degree - full member in the Order.  The process is similar to the above, please use this https://www.kofc.org/apps/resources/invitation-en.pdf

If you wish to inform the Council of your participation please send an email to info@kc4678.com

As a man of the Church, are you being called to be a Knight? JOIN US!