Father O'Hanlon Council #4678
Father O'Hanlon Council #4678
State College Knights of Columbus

Summary of Beaver Stadium Concessions

This is the major fundraiser for the council that allows us to donate thousands of dollars to the church, Catholic education (OLV, the pre-school and St Joes) and faith-based organizations in the community. Importantly, working at the stadium does not just serve the purpose of raising money for worthy causes, but is an opportunity for fellowship and a sense of community among the workers. Its’ been over a year, and many have commented on how we missed working together (but may not the half time rush!). 

Anyone, Knights or not, 16-years and over can work in the Stand (#15 lower level under Section NB). Student needing service hours are encouraged to volunteer and letters documenting the hours worked will be provided. We will provide tickets and parking passes. If you attend the game, you can come to the stand to give someone a break for 15-30 minutes, or we could use your help at half-time and/or for ~1 hour after the game.  

Contact:  koc.volunteers@gmail.com

General Information:

   - Stand #15 is Lower Level - under section NB

   - Tickets are provided and are required to enter the Stadium

   - Parking Passes can be provided

   - Arrive at Stand 2 hours prior to kick-off time

   - A hat is required for people cooking/processing food


Directions on game day:

   - CATA game-day bus link is very convenient, more so than using parking lots: LINK      

   - Parking is in Lot 33  - a map will be provided with passes (see below image)

   - Enter through Employees Gate - Porter Rd. side of the Stadium near Gate E & Ticket Office (see below image)

   - Must have a Photo ID to enter

   - NOTE: After entering - if uncertain where to go there is a table with someone to direct you

    - Stand #15 is Lower Level - under section NB

Contact:  Joe Reese jcr8@psu.edu   or Rodney Hopkins rlhopkins001@yahoo.com info@kc4678.com

This is the 2021 Beaver Stadium Parking Map.

If you park within 3 hours of Game Time you must ingress from the East via Park Avenue to Porter Road.

Lot 33 (above identified in Gold/Yellow is where you will park with the Pass you are provided.

Employee entrance to Beaver Stadium is along Porter Road.

It is identified in Gold/Yellow.

It is across from Medlar Field

It is near the Ticket Office